1 thing |30 days |12 months

Yesterday, January 1, 2017, I sifted through my closet and eliminated items that do not bring me joy, 2 large shopping bags. Part of me thought, dang that’s a whole month right there. However, that is not the point of my project. The point is to truly analyze and keep what adds value to my life. My intention is truly to make space. This is helpful for me because I am uber sentimental with possessions {and photographs}. My son gifted me a tote bag that holds a yoga mat several years ago – it is well loved. I was hesitant to add it to the pile for a moment because it was a gift I asked for; however, I have used the heck out of that bag and I have a new one that I purchased a few weeks ago – and I do not need 2 of the same bag. A second thing happened when I decided to donate the gifted bag, I was filled with joy of opening the gift and using it for several years. My wish is that it is useful for the next owner.


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