Round 2. Nightstand Edit

1 thing |30 days |12 months

Today’s clearing is practical and sentimental. Clearing my nightstand drawer: Part 1.  I found my camera charger! It’s been right there all along. I am calling this Part 1, because there are 2 drawers and I only cleared through the bottom drawer tonight.

  1. Thank You notes for Christmas gifts. I sifted through my drawer to find a handful of notes. The consumerism in me thought, “I’ve sent these before.. possibly to the same people…I could pick up a pack at the Dollar Tree or make some….” But no. I am unapologetically sending this mixed batch of notes from sets that I’ve most likely sent to these same recipients. In doing so, I am clearing space and sharing kindness. Win. Win.
  2. Sebastian’s Boutonnière. I’ve kept this one for years in this little paper box. He wore it to his first “date” dance in high school, winter formal. I do not need to hold on to everything tangible of the kids to have the experiences.

*Full Disclosure – This was a tough one because I want to go purchase new cards to send and not send the same cards. BUT, change can be uncomfortable and not be bad. Learning to use what I have and not purchase to simply purchase is the lesson. People love and appreciate snail mail SO MUCH that I can send the same card for 18 years and it will be well received.


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