Round 4. Closet Edit

Hi, my name is Alina and I’m a sentimental addict. What does this mean? Basically, I have saved many little tidbits and report cards and random drawings the kids brought home over the years. For a good run, the items and crafts found homes in scrapbooks and frames. Then, things began to pile up and life took over and I now have boxes and drawers of memories.

For today’s one thing, I tackled a large bin in the spare closet. Bailey was with me as I sifted through and we laughed and smiled and reminisced. Again, this project allowed me a lovely pocket of bliss with Bailey as we recalled memories.

During my discard I stumbled upon printed Christmas cards from 2013 that I never mailed and a 2012 Mad Men calendar never used. Thinking of all the things we plan to do, and then how we exhaust ourselves and don’t see a project through. Sending the cards only required adding stamps- I even addressed the envelopes. Bailey suggested I send the cards now. I quickly laughed and said no, the time has passed. I feel it would need background information and seems like a frivolous use of my coveted forever stamps. However, it does make me think of other things I’m invested, incomplete projects. Now, I must choose what to follow through and what to end.

So, what’s your unsent Christmas card? What did you start that you want to finish? What did you start that you want to let go? The time is now.


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