Feedback Wanted.

Feedback has a different meaning for everyone. Some people I encounter are terrified of feedback or already pissed that I’ve mentioned feedback. I have a great luxury of working in an environment where feedback is freely given and is an essential development tool. That’s it. A tool. It isn’t a personal dig. It is direct and clear. It isn’t designed to tear you apart or weigh you down. It’s designed to lift you to your greatest potential. Healthy feedback is delivered through candor and is provided on the spot. The practice of feedback frees up so much mental space and physical space that you will wonder how {and why} you ever lived without providing and asking for feedback. Being comfortable with feedback allows you to be in an environment of learning. #growth

I am a “gold star” person. I want to know what’s good – I will keep doing that- and I want to know what needs to be changed and improved. I want to get it right! Receiving feedback allows me to check the game plan and see what’s working and take a look at areas of improvement. The worst feedback is no feedback.

This year, I commit to providing and asking for feedback.

I will be sending this out to individuals in my life.

360 Review

I am grateful for you and value your feedback.

 1. What do you appreciate most about me?

2. What do you see in me that I should continue doing/being that supports what is authentic in me?

3. What can you count on me for?

4. What can’t you count on me for?

5. What is the one thing you believe I could master in my lifetime?


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