Round 8. Nightstand Edit. 

I woke this morning around 4am and was unable to manipulate myself back to sleep. I finally decided to get up and head downstairs about an hour later (after I woke up Kathleen). Once downstairs, I realized it was FREEZING, again! And quickly retrieved my sad, shriveled bird of paradise plant from outside. The plant is still downstairs. I refuse to accept it’s death and hope warm weather this week will somehow revive it.

Back to my edit, I didn’t think much into it today. I spent majority of my day asleep in an attempt to combat a migraine. Hiding from light has been my best defense today. I believe a Coke triggered this migraine. We went to the show this morning to watch Hidden Figures (a must see) and Kathleen and I shared a Coke and nachos (can’t be the nachos, right?).

I digress.

Pens. I selected pens for my edit. My nightstand drawer is a treasure trove for all things journal and note taking. But, do I really need 20 pens in there? At work, we are always short on pens. So, I’m donating this haul to the store. Win. Win.


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