Round 9. Downstairs Edit. 

I selected 3 items to photograph for today’s edit. Today, I donated 3 boxes and 2 shopping bags of items (1 box was Kathleen’s).

1st up: Santa, holiday decor. As of this post, our tree is still up. This guy was hanging out by the fireplace. I like this decoration, I do not love it. There is an element of joy but no spark. I believe it will bring joy for someone else. Also, I can’t remember where it came from or when I acquired it. Thinking long term, I wouldn’t pack this piece to move cross country. So, I discard. 

I LOVE this lampshade. But, this shade is broken. It’s been lingering in our closet beneath the stairs waiting to be edited. Broken lampshades do not bring joy. This one went in the trash bin. 

This is not 100% mine, but I chose it for edit today. Seriously, we will never attempt to listen to this again. I love Ellen but this book is a miss. 

Kathleen and I stopped at Hastings in Alexandria on our way home one weekend to pick up an audiobook. We previously picked up Julia and Julia and it was so entertaining (fun fact:I’ve read that book 3 times). We saw this title by Ellen and thought it would be entertaining. It was okay for a few minutes, then boring. I cannot recall any specific part of the book. I hope Kathleen is okay with me donating the audiobook


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