Round 11. Kitchen Edit. 

For Christmas I received two (not one but two) new knives plus a knife sharpener! If you are reading this and just made dinner with a dull, old, insufficient knife, you must purchase a better knife or at least a sharpener, for now. Your life will change, you’ll cry less in the kitchen (or more from joy) and you’ll finally be able to chop a perfectly diced onion – it will be a real Julia Child moment for you.

It’s Day 11 of my project and I am seeing results beyond my four walls. Each time there is an opportunity to minimize things and maximize experience, I choose the latter. I am finding that I am editing my schedule, my diet, my words. Not in a restrictive way or manner at all, in a way that conveys the best of me is showing up. I edit to remove fluff, expose truths and elevate through solutions. I edit to be better.

Here’s to 349 more editing opportunities!

Knife Edit

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