Round 12. Kitchen Edit. 

Breaking the mold today… There was a time, seems like a former life, when I had quite the collection of candy molds (and I used them). I loved buying the Wilton melts and making the quick candies for holidays and birthdays. It was fun and fueled my need to make something, quick, sweet and creative.

These are the last two molds, I thought I dontated all my molds a few years ago, but these two were lingering in the cabinet.

I’m realizing that this project is an up close and personal look into my life, my home, my past. I didn’t anticipate or think up this project with vulnerability at the center; however, it’s come to my attention that there’s no way for this project to work without allowing space for emotion. I’m enjoying each day, the thoughts of the discard, the practice, and I’m savouring the moments of peace as items are released all the while knowing something bigger is happening.

So, it’s two molds that I’m donating today. Two molds that provided holiday delight.  Two molds that contributed to festive celebrations. Two molds that were handed down to me. Two molds that will no doubt delight a new family.


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