Round 41. Kitchen Edit. 

This Christmas, Sebastian and Danielle gifted me a gorgeous handcrafted  cutting board made by local artisan near Danielle’s hometown in Canada. It’s stunning, beautiful in the way you want to keep it perfect and not use it.

But I know they purchased it for me to use, love and enjoy. AND I WANT TO USE IT. I know that in order for me to use it I need to reduce the amount of cutting board options in my kitchen.

This edit was made simple because our large cutting board that we use for EVERYTHING had a small split and what looked like mold on the back of it – I think this is somehow related to the mushroom growing :(. So, out the board went. This board was Kathleen’s and became ours. We enjoyed many cheese and meat spreads with olives (her) and pickles (me) and even caviar for a celebration. I chopped countless onions and peeled dozens of garlic cloves to chop on this board. Farewell my wooden friend.

PS. We washed it before discarding because it wasn’t a planned discard, instead it was an in the moment  let’s do something about this thing kind of discard.


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