Round 15. Kitchen Edit. 

A friend on IG posted her word of the year for 2017: Finish. I love this. I love everything about the intention, the action and the commitment. A huge part of finishing is accepting the result. Acknowledging the work and effort and recognizing completion or end. 

Kathleen will tell you that I’m a forever starter. I love projects! It’s no wonder that I spent a chunk of my career in project management. It thrills me! The other thing she will tell you is I don’t always finish my projects. Shiny pennies capture my attention and I move on. To finish is a big deal, just ask anyone who ran the Louisiana Marathon this morning. 

Today, I finish what I started and discard my sourdough starter (and sadly, the bowl because it’s just too funky to handle). I was so amped about my starter and the process, learning about sourdough and baking bread I can enjoy. My goal was bread at Christmas. I intended to keep my starter going; however, I discovered that it’s not sustainable for me. I am unable to eat the bread fast enough and my body doesn’t love bread like it once did (my heart remains deep in love with bread and all things pastry). Since I’ve edited gluten from my diet, I only rarely eat a gluten free bread product and even on rarer occasion now since editing egg from my diet. 

So, it’s with a heavy heart and happy stomach that I discard my sourdough starter. 

P.S. we enjoyed sourdough bread at Christmas. 

Cheering on the runners #geauxrunla
Gluten Free Sourdough


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