Round 23. Sentimental Edit.

“I carry your heart in my heart…” E.E Cummings

This little heart symbolizes love, childhood, play, crafting, attention, rainy days and joy. Bailey made this with fuze beads and it was a big deal! She carefully sorted out pinks and patiently placed each bead on the peg board before calling me over to fuze it together with a hot iron. The final step of peeling back the transfer paper to reveal a fully fuzed piece, a melted lump of beads or a piece somewhere in the middle was tense at times.  This time, the odds were in our favor.

We found this bead heart while cleaning out the car. As I sifted through items to toss, I showed Bailey the heart and was surprised when she was okay with tossing it, but first, take a picture for the blog. I love when she selects edits with me, it adds so much more depth to this project – this adventure.




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