Round 24. Kitchen Edit.

Kitchens should be called catchalls, because you find so many things in that one space of the home (well, in my kitchen). Another thing that do, is to keep partial pieces or to use something from a pack or kit but not all the items leaving remnants and leftovers.

A couple of months ago, I had a scathing brilliant idea! I decided to save money on coffee from the cafe and make my coffee at home more consistently…BUT, I splurged on to go cups that look like coffee shop to go cups. Viola! Now, I was able to drink home-brewed coffee on the go, save money and utilize my time better. Win. Win.

I discovered that I will often forgo the sleeve and just hold a piping hot cup of coffee. The sleeve is the only drawback, it doesn’t fit as snugly as I would like and slips off the cup. So, I noticed there was a collection of sleeves brewing in the corner cupboard. Not anymore.

Pro Tip: Purchase a Ninja Coffee Bar (or Something Similar), illy coffee, and to go cups  ($3.97/20 or even less per cup if you order bulk from amazon) and treat your kitchen like a cafe!




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