Round 26. Kitchen Edit.

Baking or bringing treats brings me joy! This I know is true. My love of sharing sweets started very young. Each Christmas, my mom would make batches of peanut butter balls, fudge and pralines plus peanut blossom and sugar cookies. I can remember the year I was able to dip items in chocolate and it was thrilling! I have a faint scar on my right forearm from baking brownies for my class in fourth grade. Fast forward to Christmas 2015 when my sister and I sold dozens and dozens of pralines (29 lbs of sugar worth!!).  You see?

Today’s edit is related to bringing treats. During massage school, I would bring baked treats most Fridays to share with our group. For my birthday that year, Lacey and Julie gifted me a large cupcake carrier with cake mixes and icing. I loved receiving it and put it to use for many occasions and celebrations over the years. I am choosing to donate today because I don’t use it anymore, and I would not pack it up to move cross-country. Nowadays, I bake much less and baking large amounts of cupcakes and brownies rarely occurs. I know that it will be of great use to someone else and hope that the future treats that fill it bring joy.





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