Round 31. Kitchen Bonus Edit. 

Bonus Edit? What’s this you ask? January is a big month, 31 days, and Project 1|30|12 is designed for thirty days; so, say hello to Bonus Edit!

All edits matter. The other day I was thinking that some edits aren’t big enough. That’s ridiculous thinking on my part. It all matters. It’s all big or small enough, depending how you look at it.

Today’s edit is a pack of birthday party napkins from Bailey’s 11th birthday? Clearly, I overbuy holiday items, party paper goods and other celebratory things. I don’t even purchase paper towels for the house; so, why did I once rack up the paper goods for parties? I guess because I could, or I  thought it was necessary. At the end of the day, people just want cake, kids want gifts and moms want everyone to be happy and smile for the picture.

Thanks for joining me in my pursuit of better, on this journey to improve the everyday and create space for change. I’m overjoyed each time WordPress sends me an update on likes and followers- you keep me going! Thank you.

Did you start your own Project 1|30|12?  How’s it going? Comment and tell me about it!


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