Round 32. Accessory Edit. 

I have this thing about donating wallets and it’s that I always feel I will mistakingly leave $100 bucks or so hidden in the wallet. This is silly and slightly ridiculous because while using the wallet in everyday use there is rarely more than $40 bucks in it! Including all the hidden locations and secret spaces. So, it is quite unrealistic for me to think there’s a stash of money in there. Although, I did thoroughly check today’s edit to be sure. 

Today’s edit is a well worn wallet. This was gifted to Kathleen one Christmas by Bailey and K doesn’t use a large wallet -she uses a super slim one containing just 3 items- yet I do! So, I started using the wallet like it was mine, and so much so that I’ve literally worn out the change area. So, I used a portion of a Christmas gift card to purchase a shiny and new Fossil wallet and am donating this gem, with faux hidden cash and all.


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