Round 36. Kitchen Edit.

This is more of a failed project edit – it just so happens that it was placed in the kitchen. Some edits dig deeper and this one digs in. Last year, I ordered some mushroom kits to grow at home and it just isn’t working for me. In fact, I am so emotionally attached to these failed mushroom projects that Kathleen actually did the tossing out for me.

As you can see the mushrooms were growing but I wasn’t using the harvest. I don’t even know why… it just happened that there was no growth when I was enthusiastic and then the growth happened and I had abandoned the project. Schedules changed, overnight trips out of town and laziness set in, all affecting the maintenance of the crop.

It’s funny how we have so much enthusiasm at the prospect of something and then when the something happens we are no longer engaged – shiny penny syndrome.


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