Round 37. Digital Edit.

A commonly overlooked area of clutter is digital clutter- for some, it is 4000 emails in their inbox and for others, countless random files on the desktop. Digital clutter also shows up in other ways, like notifications for everything – pinging you in your pocket all day or unnecessary emails in your inbox. Do you really need all those subscriptions?

I sifted through my desktop, my downloads folders, my documents and even my backup drive today and trashed tons of things that I do not need. Yay for free space! I also unsubscribed to email subscriptions and removed notifications. After the desktop, I jumped to my phone and reorganized the home screen plus synced all of my photos to the cloud and freed up A TON of space on my phone. Win. Win.

Pro Tip: Create space for inbox mindfulness and spend 20 minutes unsubscribing from random daily/weekly/monthly emails (keep following this blog ;)) and remove the notifications reminders from your home screen.


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