Round 38. Closet Edit. 

Day late. I was in bed by 7:30 last night – I think. I’m typing this on my phone with one hand, because Monday night I sliced the tip of my left thumb really well. Flesh and blood and all that jazz. Fun fact: bandaid thumbs do not work on smartphones. And also, opposable thumbs are fucking incredible. If you are blessed with all ten fingers in working order, look down and thank your hands for their diligent service. If you use less than ten on a daily basis, I bow to your bionic power. Aka YOU ROCK! 

So, for yesterday’s edit… back to the closet I went. I selected an H from my scrapbook days. There was once a time I would scrapbook anything. You’ll no doubt see more scrapbook items as I clear through the guest closet and if you’re ever interested in something, message me. 

This H is a reminder of so many things of my past. The main thing is the treasuring of family. I’m blessed beyond measure and I’m so grateful to be aware of my blessing. The universe (God, Allah, Higher Power) has placed in my life 2 incredible beings. I’m gifted the privilege and opportunity to guide them as human beings and seekers of greatness, to be their mother. 


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