Round 52. Living Room {Wall} Edit. 

I walked in the guest bedroom to pull today’s edit then I saw a painting from a friend and  shifted gears. I had received it for Christmas/holiday several years ago – maybe 5. And, I’ve yet to frame it. I couldn’t decide the style and then didn’t want to spend on a frame and then…forgot about it. 

Today, I grabbed the envelope containing my gift and headed downstairs to pull a concert poster out of a frame and replace it with my painting. Brilliant.

After, I rolled up the concert poster and stared at the wall. The poster – JJ Grey & Mofro. Bailey asked if she could sell the poster. I said sure then added that we didn’t pay anything for it so maybe we should just give it away. I further explained that I found the poster with some loose marijuana on a large tray atop kitchen cabinets in a house I was cleaning before we moved in several years ago. She was shocked. I told her I kept the poster and tossed everything else. 


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