Womp Womp…

I fell off the wagon. And, Uber picked me up. January 1st I committed to posting 360 items through the year – 1 post per day- with the idea that I would have 5 passes, if I post on the 5 passes then that’s 5 bonus posts for the year. All in all, the goal was ¬† is to discard items and experience life with less stuff and more living.

I writing this today because I am heading out of town again ūüôā and will not be back to writing consistently for a few more days. In kindness to myself and the process, this is okay. It truly is. Since the initiation of this project, I have let go of some mediocre items and some serious sentimental items. The project is far from over – I will attempt to double up some edits so I can “catch up” to my plan.

While I was away, I was gifted an incredible experience in Miami with 46 lululemon employees from around the globe. We attended the World Happiness Summit together, practiced yoga with world class teachers, ate arepas [I am in love], met our CEO and top executives, connected over life, love and luon, paddleboarded at sunset, tried Poke, seized any and all moments to sit in the warm Miami sun, and embraced the experience head on with 14 hours of technology free time. I walked away from my #wohasu experience with greater clarity on life and love. Personal Choice has a new meaning to me and the beauty of choosing happiness is that happiness is our birthright, we do not need earn happiness or buy happiness, we are happiness. Be. We are human beings.


Round 67. Guest Room Edit. 

Back in the day I took pictures and printed some and shared even more. This set of water captures from the fountain behind City Park makes me happy. I loved these images. At the old house the photographs hung in my bedroom. I would later read a Feng Shui book and discover that may have contributed to the many years that flowed there. Who knows. 

Round 64. Bookshelf Edit. 

Sifting through the shelves in the guest room I stumbled upon this gem. I love all things planning and this book was no exception. I purchased it at Target in 2015 and scribbled yoga goals and business ideas on the pages and as I flipped through I saw notes of my first weeks at lululemon. 

This one went in the recycle bin. 

Round 63. Downstairs Edit. 

I’m beginning to think one does not need an ice chest if there is no garage. Kathleen and I don’t tailgate – I did at one point and life and may again later on, we don’t often parade, and we don’t drink beer – I would if I could. 

So, owning a large wheeled ice chest isn’t very sensible. It’s too bulky to bring on road trips and beach outings and once it’s filled it is quite heavy to maneuver into the trunk. So, after living downstairs for awhile , I selected this chest for edit. I offered it to my dad and he replied with, “I hoped you wanted an ice chest because I have a few extra” so, we are good. 

Round 60. Living Room Edit.

Round 60. Holy Heck! Yay for progress. This is a big edit! I offered this chair to my brother. It is my Dad’s and I’ve had it for a few years and my brother has the footstool; so, it felt natural for me to offer the chair to Adam.

He was excited about the prospect then quickly said, “it’s not going to fit in the mini”. And it won’t, we will just need to coordinate some vehicle usage to trek this chair out to their home in the country.

Round 58. Closet Edit. 

One of the coolest perks of my job is getting my hands on innovative product! In 2015 lululemon released the Naked sensation pant, Align. It’s everything it sounds like, sensational buttery fabric technically designed to flow with you for a totally disctraction free practice. You’ll feel so confidently Naked that you may look down to double check that you’re wearing pants. It’s that good. 

I decided to gift them to Erin- my brother’s fianc√©. I hope she loves the pair as much as I did. With a newborn and the need for sleep, I’m confident she’s get some good use out of the pair. 

* I forgot to take a pic.  Not pictured: Align pant, Bordeaux Drama. 

Round 56. Craft Edit. 

Fuse beads. The popular craft of creating with plastic and fusing your art together with an iron in mere seconds – for your parents to treasure.  Kids will use templates or create their own creations using an array of colors and spending oodles of time. A parents dream on a rainy day. Spilled fuse beads and incorrect heating is the nightmare side of fuse beads. It’s all fun until the project fails. 

Dear Fuse Beads, 

Thanks for the memories – smiles and tears. 


Mom to meticulous artists 

Round 55. Closet Edit. 

Inspirational knickknacks bring me joy- even cheesy ones. I love positive quotes, affirmations and the like. 

At Christmas, I received The Happiness Planner and it is FILLED with happiness quotes, each day boasts a new quote. I love it. 

I picked up this little quote at Tuesday Morning years ago with the intention of gifting it at some point…and I never did. It landed in a box, then a gift bin, then on a shelf, etc. Today, I am donating it and gifting it a new life.