Round 65. Bookshelf Edit. 

There was a time when I believed I would never part with a book. I kept books for the sake of keeping old friends around, comforting and fond memories. I have a handful of textbooks that made the cut and have been with me for quite some time. 

This Louisiana history book is one of the select few. I chucked a bit when I picked it for the edit because texts are in a sense extremely outdated. To think that this book was necessary to the point of keeping for several years – I don’t teach history so that’s not a reason to keep it- was quite naive of me.  I remember this class and it was somewhat controversial and extremely interesting; although, neither contribute to the need of keeping the text. 

As I move through this project, I’m uncovering that I keep things for a multitude of reasons. One reason is to remind myself of the existence of something in my life, another is proof that what existed had meaning and another reason is hope. There are items I have that have weathered the years because there is hope within or hope for a desired outcome. This text is exsitence of my education, my interests, my connection {and lack } to the history of my state, and an underlying notion that I have the book, therefore the class was important. 

So, today I edit this book from my shelf (and a few others) to create space for more life, more learnings and less things. 


Round 59. Bookshelf Edit.

I love a travel memoir, add in a fearless female nomad and I am all in. I’ve read All Over The Map  several times, and each time I discovered something new. Laura Fraser whisks you away in her writing, you become her pal and you travel through her memories as if you are looking over her shoulder. It is sensational, adventurous and full of wonder.

Sometimes we think we know what we want, we fight and push and climb our way to the one thing…and then, something changes and we find that we return to square one, except the starting point is new and we aren’t as naive.

I am gifting this book to Allie and then she will gift it to Liz and I am not sure where it will land after that. I love that when I pulled this off the shelf there was a short grocery list inside the front cover. It listed about 12 items and one stood out, wheat linguini. This lets me know that I read this book before 2013- when I eliminated wheat and gluten from my diet.

Round 50. Bookshelf Edit. 

I’m writing this edit from the beach. #lifewin 

Continuing the theme of my week with another bookshelf edit – a travel book. Never did I ever think I would donate, discard or edit a travel book – first time for everything. However, on Friday I was chatting with Mary Clair about her upcoming trip to Italy and then when I got home I saw this book on the shelf! I grabbed it and placed it in her cubby at work- she’s welcome to have it and if she decides she doesn’t need it I will drop it off at Starbucks to add to the take one/leave one bookshelf. 

Round 49. Bookshelf Edit. 

Tiny terrariums make the heart smile. I gifted this little terrarium to Kathleen when we started dating and had it delivered to her office – like sending flowers that keep living! It also added some green and lightness to her dark office. 

This little terrarium has moved all around our house and landed on the bookshelf in the living room up until a few days ago when Kathleen sold the bookshelf. 

Today, I brought the little terrarium to work today and placed it in Liz’s cubby. She loved it! I’m so happy that she’s going to liven the terrarium back up and enjoy this little bulb.