Round 72. Closet Edit. 

Slowly getting back to edits and some consistency in my schedule and very happy yo feel this alignment. Today, I was thinking of just everything around me, the mail, the fridge, the pantry, the laundry that is currnety humming, the new furniture outside and so on, was beginning to feel overwhelming. I feel so blessed, abundantly blessed. I look at what others have and am not envious or jealous, I see their challenges and struggles and am grateful that I do not have that to face. I see their abundance and am happy that they are well taken care of. I see the love in their life and also the pain of loss and know that we are all human and no one is exempt from pain or joy. What I know for sure is that this life is brimming with opportunity and bursting with joy and each moment is here, now, and this moment is infinitely as valuable as any other moment. 

Well, after all this rambling today’s edit is another canister of tanning spray lol I don’t know where all this came from! Clearly, I bought it. But, why? 


Round 58. Closet Edit. 

One of the coolest perks of my job is getting my hands on innovative product! In 2015 lululemon released the Naked sensation pant, Align. It’s everything it sounds like, sensational buttery fabric technically designed to flow with you for a totally disctraction free practice. You’ll feel so confidently Naked that you may look down to double check that you’re wearing pants. It’s that good. 

I decided to gift them to Erin- my brother’s fiancé. I hope she loves the pair as much as I did. With a newborn and the need for sleep, I’m confident she’s get some good use out of the pair. 

* I forgot to take a pic.  Not pictured: Align pant, Bordeaux Drama. 

Round 48. Closet Edit.

Some edits are surprising – like when it is one of your favorite things! I purchased this backpack almost a year ago from Ikea in Austin. It is such a great backpack! Sebastian has used it multiple times as well and agrees that the size and construction is perfect.

Last night at dinner, Sebastian mentioned his bag not having a water bottle holder -I reminded him that it does have one, he has the Core Backpack from lululemon. He quickly responded that he only uses that bag for travel because it is so nice and he doesn’t want to mess it up. Immediately I offered him the Ikea bag and he was thrilled. I told him that I rarely use it after getting my new bag and I would much rather him have joyful use out of it then it sit in the closet.