Round 69. Yard edit. 

Last Sunday, Bailey and I adventures to Houston, TX, for rock climbing and IKEA. We returned with a van full of boxes and hours of assembly ahead.

I love plants, but I am not a good lover. Things were going so smoothly before “the freeze” this year. We live in a moderate climate and I am not in the process of thinking of weather shifts. I pretty much assume that if it is cool when I leave the house, it will be warm or raining in the afternoon. I realize as I type this that it doesn’t make much sense but it seems to align closely with our weather. Needless to say, some plants needed to be tossed.

Tuesday morning, I woke and started clearing the patio space, discarding, combining plants, editing planters and so forth.

I discarded several planters that were just overgrown and not in alignment with the aesthetic we are attempting to achieve in the backyard.



Round 67. Guest Room Edit. 

Back in the day I took pictures and printed some and shared even more. This set of water captures from the fountain behind City Park makes me happy. I loved these images. At the old house the photographs hung in my bedroom. I would later read a Feng Shui book and discover that may have contributed to the many years that flowed there. Who knows. 

Round 66. Random Edit. 

Receipt books are outdated. And so  is this one. It was last used for Kids Yoga Lab summer camp sign ups. 

Speaking of KYL, wow! Last night Kathleen and I were talking goals, visualization and planning. She said KYL is a great example of our speeds and our communication. She shared that as soon as the idea was forming I was actioning to bring it to life- literally, filing with SOS and such- and she was in the numbers phase and we were running on different speeds. So true. We were not in alignment and because we weren’t in alignment, we worked three times as hard and didn’t achieve what we set out for. 

As I write this message, I am in alignment with my goals. I’m taking the time to listen to my intuition. I’m not filling my calendar to the brim. I’m building in time for thinking, being, tuning in- meditation. I shared my vision and goals with Kathleen last night and I know that we are in support of one another 100%. I’m listening to the prompts from the universe and am excited for what’s to come. 

Round 55. Closet Edit. 

Inspirational knickknacks bring me joy- even cheesy ones. I love positive quotes, affirmations and the like. 

At Christmas, I received The Happiness Planner and it is FILLED with happiness quotes, each day boasts a new quote. I love it. 

I picked up this little quote at Tuesday Morning years ago with the intention of gifting it at some point…and I never did. It landed in a box, then a gift bin, then on a shelf, etc. Today, I am donating it and gifting it a new life. 

Round 52. Living Room {Wall} Edit. 

I walked in the guest bedroom to pull today’s edit then I saw a painting from a friend and  shifted gears. I had received it for Christmas/holiday several years ago – maybe 5. And, I’ve yet to frame it. I couldn’t decide the style and then didn’t want to spend on a frame and then…forgot about it. 

Today, I grabbed the envelope containing my gift and headed downstairs to pull a concert poster out of a frame and replace it with my painting. Brilliant.

After, I rolled up the concert poster and stared at the wall. The poster – JJ Grey & Mofro. Bailey asked if she could sell the poster. I said sure then added that we didn’t pay anything for it so maybe we should just give it away. I further explained that I found the poster with some loose marijuana on a large tray atop kitchen cabinets in a house I was cleaning before we moved in several years ago. She was shocked. I told her I kept the poster and tossed everything else. 

Round 47. Random Edit.

Random Edit – an edit found randomly, i.e. meaning it really didn’t have space to begin with

Green notebook of ideas. I am much better about discarding….I am creating this possibility for myself. I was looking in the downstairs bathroom- under the sink – for an item and I saw this notebook. My first thought was, “why is this here?” I quickly remembered exactly why it was there! I brought it to the pool and it landed in the cabinet with the pool bag, and that was that.

So, I flipped through the pages and looked at my detailed notes of my past life  as a Public Outreach Coordinator and smiled. Also in the notebook, tons of notes and ideas on yoga business and pamphlets on coaching and chair yoga. My current notebook looks much the same with plans for coaching and happiness practices laced throughout. #foreverstudent



Round 44. Downstairs Edit.

Posable art doll. Few items remain from the studio, this is one of those items. Purchased for the art component of Kids Yoga Lab, we held onto this guy for a while. It’s time to part ways. I realize as this year passes and I continue to discard items, fewer items will take physical space as reminders and only the lessons and memories will remain.

I think of the excitement and energy for the studio when this doll was purchased from Ikea in 2015. So many things about opening the studio pop up as red flags now; however, it was such an entrepreneurial leap that good was bound to come of it. I met some really cool kids, shared you with a new community, stressed my family more than needed and made some huge career leaps and in the process. Opening the studio allowed Kathleen and I an opportunity to work together – something I hope we can do one day again soon – and we took risks and learned so much during the process. I even made it on the news 🙂

The studio was a quarter life crisis (I think I will live until I am 116) and it shook me awake. Awake to living in the present, embracing now and loving the everyday.

Round 41. Kitchen Edit.

Water bottles multiply and suddenly disappear. This is the pattern of water bottles in my life [and home]. One moment it feels like you can’t squeeze one more in the cabinet and then before you know it, you can’t find one to save your life. Pieces get lost, straws get funky and gaskets blow. For months, I put off purchasing a new bottle and trekked across the parking lot to Trader Joe’s almost daily for a bottle of water. I now carry my new bottle and all is right in the world.

Bailey recently started rock climbing and purchased a new Camelback to use at the tower. While she was looking in the store, I said are you sure because I am getting rid of the other one. She was on board and then informed me that her bottle was broken – no longer sealed completely. So, out it goes.


Round 40. Downstairs Edit. 

Dancing Shiva. This was gifted to me about 16 years ago by Shampa, my sister in law at the time. I’ve kept it for all these years, moving it from place to place and room to room. I was surprised when I selected it for edit. This process is becoming a practice, I’m drawing on my experiences of the past 40 days and connecting the benefits of editing with my goals, living each moment and living among fewer possessions. 

This Shiva represents the apocalypse (my former, chaotic, clouded life) and creation (living anew). I’m grateful for the opportunity to rewrite my story, to edit my things, and in turn edit my place among things. As I free myself from items, small and significant, I discover how big my world can be.