Round 72. Closet Edit. 

Slowly getting back to edits and some consistency in my schedule and very happy yo feel this alignment. Today, I was thinking of just everything around me, the mail, the fridge, the pantry, the laundry that is currnety humming, the new furniture outside and so on, was beginning to feel overwhelming. I feel so blessed, abundantly blessed. I look at what others have and am not envious or jealous, I see their challenges and struggles and am grateful that I do not have that to face. I see their abundance and am happy that they are well taken care of. I see the love in their life and also the pain of loss and know that we are all human and no one is exempt from pain or joy. What I know for sure is that this life is brimming with opportunity and bursting with joy and each moment is here, now, and this moment is infinitely as valuable as any other moment. 

Well, after all this rambling today’s edit is another canister of tanning spray lol I don’t know where all this came from! Clearly, I bought it. But, why? 


Round 71. Closet Edit. 

Easel, frame stand? I think it’s a easel… I remember when I bought this – to hold a mirror- and at the time I was unsure of my design intention or direction. That’s the first sign to not buy something lol. However, this easel has served its purpose as the supporter of a full length mirror. 

As of now, the mirror is leaning against the wall and will likely stay that way for several months (I’m guessing) until we figure out the best space for permanent installation. 
*sidenote: the mirror will likely be donated before future cross country move  because I have a fear of it breaking in transport. 

Round 63. Downstairs Edit. 

I’m beginning to think one does not need an ice chest if there is no garage. Kathleen and I don’t tailgate – I did at one point and life and may again later on, we don’t often parade, and we don’t drink beer – I would if I could. 

So, owning a large wheeled ice chest isn’t very sensible. It’s too bulky to bring on road trips and beach outings and once it’s filled it is quite heavy to maneuver into the trunk. So, after living downstairs for awhile , I selected this chest for edit. I offered it to my dad and he replied with, “I hoped you wanted an ice chest because I have a few extra” so, we are good. 

Round 60. Living Room Edit.

Round 60. Holy Heck! Yay for progress. This is a big edit! I offered this chair to my brother. It is my Dad’s and I’ve had it for a few years and my brother has the footstool; so, it felt natural for me to offer the chair to Adam.

He was excited about the prospect then quickly said, “it’s not going to fit in the mini”. And it won’t, we will just need to coordinate some vehicle usage to trek this chair out to their home in the country.

Round 56. Craft Edit. 

Fuse beads. The popular craft of creating with plastic and fusing your art together with an iron in mere seconds – for your parents to treasure.  Kids will use templates or create their own creations using an array of colors and spending oodles of time. A parents dream on a rainy day. Spilled fuse beads and incorrect heating is the nightmare side of fuse beads. It’s all fun until the project fails. 

Dear Fuse Beads, 

Thanks for the memories – smiles and tears. 


Mom to meticulous artists 

Round 53. Stuff Edit. 

Sorting through little boxes and folders and bins and I found this gem. My student ID from LSU {Geaux Tigers}. 

I almost just tossed and then decided it definitely counts for an edit. As Tolle says, “there is significance in the insignificant, it all matters.” So, even the small edits matter. 

Round 51. Guest Room Edit. 

Another heart pull edit ❤ this is a nightlight from my early childhood. I remember using it in my toddlers and early school years and imagine I used it before that as well. 

I decided to choose for today’s edit as I’m practicing a new tactic to edit something sentimental among unimportant items. So, tomorrow will likely be something less significant… we will see. 

Round 50. Bookshelf Edit. 

I’m writing this edit from the beach. #lifewin 

Continuing the theme of my week with another bookshelf edit – a travel book. Never did I ever think I would donate, discard or edit a travel book – first time for everything. However, on Friday I was chatting with Mary Clair about her upcoming trip to Italy and then when I got home I saw this book on the shelf! I grabbed it and placed it in her cubby at work- she’s welcome to have it and if she decides she doesn’t need it I will drop it off at Starbucks to add to the take one/leave one bookshelf. 

Round 47. Random Edit.

Random Edit – an edit found randomly, i.e. meaning it really didn’t have space to begin with

Green notebook of ideas. I am much better about discarding….I am creating this possibility for myself. I was looking in the downstairs bathroom- under the sink – for an item and I saw this notebook. My first thought was, “why is this here?” I quickly remembered exactly why it was there! I brought it to the pool and it landed in the cabinet with the pool bag, and that was that.

So, I flipped through the pages and looked at my detailed notes of my past life  as a Public Outreach Coordinator and smiled. Also in the notebook, tons of notes and ideas on yoga business and pamphlets on coaching and chair yoga. My current notebook looks much the same with plans for coaching and happiness practices laced throughout. #foreverstudent



Round 46. Bookshelf Edit. 

Yesterday at Iron Tribe (#iloveirontribe), Coach Carrie and I chatted about anatomy during mobility class. She expressed wanting to go deeper into her anatomy study; so, I mentioned this book and offered to gift it to her – if I still had it. 

Well, I checked and viola it was on the shelf! So, off to Iron Tribe this book will go and I’m pumped to know it will be in use!