Round 68. Random Edit. 

CD covers, cases. For teacher training I purchased several cds and required albums, the discs made it in my car changer and the cases were lagniappe. I kept them- for whatever reason! Now, I toss them out because it’s super pointless having empty ones around. 


Round 43. Backyard Edit

Continuing with backyard editing, I have 2 folding chairs today. I’ve created a spreadsheet with furniture details and am moving forward with my vision. These chairs need to go to create space for outdoor living in style. Feeling super excited about the long summer days and opportunities for backyard lounging.

Round 42. Backyard Edit.

2017 backyard goal – transform the space into an outdoor living room by May 2017.

We are on our way to transforming the backyard, AND I am so happy! Last year, we updated the fence – Kathleen and David built a new one- and it survived the Great Flood of 2016; so, I think they did a great job! The foundation is ready, we converted the yard into a low maintenance zone by removing the existing soil, grass, random landscaping and covering the entire area in limestone. Next, select outdoor furniture and grill!

For now, we are clearing through remaining items. First up, the lattice pieces that once created a barrier to hide the air conditioning units. These fence pieces are not our style and were broken during a storm last year when violent winds tossed items around in our yard and did a number on the fence. Bye bye bye.


Round 30. Closet Edit. 

Thirty days! I’ve been at this for 30 days! Clap with me!! Seriously though, I’m super pumped about this #30daychip.

The project is working. Each seemingly trivial or extremely sentimental piece I select (and sometimes put back for later in the year), survey, photograph and discard is making me better. I feel lighter, I treasure being among things that bring me joy.

Today’s edit: holiday decor and ornaments. This is a much needed edit. One I’ve put off, and so much so that my tree just came down today because I knew once I took the tree down I would store the items and wanted to only store what I was keeping, thus an intense procrastination. Alas, I took the tree down, sorted the items and packed away what to give and placed what I’m keeping in 2 bins in the guest bedroom. My donation pile is larger than my keep pile, feeling really good about that. The item I selected for photographic documentation of this edit is a handmade (the dough kind) Santa ornament from 1989. I love this ornament and it makes me happy each time I see it, but it’s crumbling and needs to return to the earth (it went in the discard pile).


Round 19. Kitchen Edit.

Super fulfilling edit today, discarding a sucky straw. I LOVE drinking from a straw. And more to fact, I love drinking through a fat straw (IKEA has some of the best disposable options- trust me, I’ve researched). 

The straw I’m discarding today outlasted its original cup. However, I dislike this straw. It infuriates me to look in the drawer and see it as an option. So, out it goes. I feel so joyous knowing it isn’t an option for drinking anymore. FYI, it went in the trash lol. 

Obsessed. Signs from the Universe- check out Westin’s tagline

Round 17. Kitchen Edit. 

Liquor ‘cabinet’ clearing today. We aren’t big drinkers…this is evident by the expired liquor I’m discarding today. I’ve kept this Pale Ale- and was hesitant of discarding- because I tell myself that it will be tasty with boiled crabs or crawfish. Thing is, we never boil at our house and odds of me having access or bringing the bottle with me the next time we enjoy the boiled creatures is not an odd I want to bet on. So, out it goes  along with 4 random hard ciders from a birthday party 2 years ago. We go hard. 

Also, my Ma said the best gluten free beer is Redbridge and I’m not really into mediocre. 

Gluten Free Beers

Round 15. Kitchen Edit. 

A friend on IG posted her word of the year for 2017: Finish. I love this. I love everything about the intention, the action and the commitment. A huge part of finishing is accepting the result. Acknowledging the work and effort and recognizing completion or end. 

Kathleen will tell you that I’m a forever starter. I love projects! It’s no wonder that I spent a chunk of my career in project management. It thrills me! The other thing she will tell you is I don’t always finish my projects. Shiny pennies capture my attention and I move on. To finish is a big deal, just ask anyone who ran the Louisiana Marathon this morning. 

Today, I finish what I started and discard my sourdough starter (and sadly, the bowl because it’s just too funky to handle). I was so amped about my starter and the process, learning about sourdough and baking bread I can enjoy. My goal was bread at Christmas. I intended to keep my starter going; however, I discovered that it’s not sustainable for me. I am unable to eat the bread fast enough and my body doesn’t love bread like it once did (my heart remains deep in love with bread and all things pastry). Since I’ve edited gluten from my diet, I only rarely eat a gluten free bread product and even on rarer occasion now since editing egg from my diet. 

So, it’s with a heavy heart and happy stomach that I discard my sourdough starter. 

P.S. we enjoyed sourdough bread at Christmas. 

Cheering on the runners #geauxrunla
Gluten Free Sourdough

Round 14. Pantry Edit.

Bailey suggested today’s edit. She was sweeping in the dining room and made her way to the pantry. She went to sweep under the shelves and discovered some old canned drinks (some expired in 2015).

This is definitely a much needed discard. I think I kept these drinks for ‘just in case’ we wanted a drink. Truthfully, I don’t like the Zevia, and I drank the SanPEllegrino until I read the label and saw the sugar. #yikes And the Ozarka, was just forgotten.

Round 13. Kitchen Edit. 

Giant mugs. I’m not a fan. Here’s why, your coffee gets cold before you can leisurely enjoy it. I love iced coffee, granitas, and cold brew, BUT I do not like when my hot coffee gets cold. Sure, I’ll drink it and if it is really cold I will throw it over some ice and drink it that way- because I don’t want to waste coffee, but it’s best to use a reasonable size mug and avoid this all together. 

So, I’m discarding (donating) two giant mugs. 

Round 12. Kitchen Edit. 

Breaking the mold today… There was a time, seems like a former life, when I had quite the collection of candy molds (and I used them). I loved buying the Wilton melts and making the quick candies for holidays and birthdays. It was fun and fueled my need to make something, quick, sweet and creative.

These are the last two molds, I thought I dontated all my molds a few years ago, but these two were lingering in the cabinet.

I’m realizing that this project is an up close and personal look into my life, my home, my past. I didn’t anticipate or think up this project with vulnerability at the center; however, it’s come to my attention that there’s no way for this project to work without allowing space for emotion. I’m enjoying each day, the thoughts of the discard, the practice, and I’m savouring the moments of peace as items are released all the while knowing something bigger is happening.

So, it’s two molds that I’m donating today. Two molds that provided holiday delight.  Two molds that contributed to festive celebrations. Two molds that were handed down to me. Two molds that will no doubt delight a new family.