Round 71. Closet Edit. 

Easel, frame stand? I think it’s a easel… I remember when I bought this – to hold a mirror- and at the time I was unsure of my design intention or direction. That’s the first sign to not buy something lol. However, this easel has served its purpose as the supporter of a full length mirror. 

As of now, the mirror is leaning against the wall and will likely stay that way for several months (I’m guessing) until we figure out the best space for permanent installation. 
*sidenote: the mirror will likely be donated before future cross country move  because I have a fear of it breaking in transport. 


Round 70. Closet Edit. 

File this under things I thought I’d keep forever. Looking in to closet I spotted this Polaroid camera that I picked up at a yard sale. It never worked and I told myself that’s okay because it filled some vintage cool component at the time. I also believed that it would work, some day, some how.  It didn’t. 

As kitschy as it is, I don’t see a place for it in our space and am confident that it will be picked up and well lived in the near future by a new owner. 

Round 63. Downstairs Edit. 

I’m beginning to think one does not need an ice chest if there is no garage. Kathleen and I don’t tailgate – I did at one point and life and may again later on, we don’t often parade, and we don’t drink beer – I would if I could. 

So, owning a large wheeled ice chest isn’t very sensible. It’s too bulky to bring on road trips and beach outings and once it’s filled it is quite heavy to maneuver into the trunk. So, after living downstairs for awhile , I selected this chest for edit. I offered it to my dad and he replied with, “I hoped you wanted an ice chest because I have a few extra” so, we are good. 

Round 61. Closet Edit. 

Bangles, bangles, bangles. For a number of years I wore a slew of bangles on my wrists. As my jewelry choices are more minimal these days, I’m editing my bangle box. I selected a few of my favorites and am donating the rest. 

In the future I plan to replace the few costume bangles I kept with mimosa handcrafted bangles (a girl needs dreams).  

*there’s a big Edit coming…I can feel it. 

Round 52. Living Room {Wall} Edit. 

I walked in the guest bedroom to pull today’s edit then I saw a painting from a friend and  shifted gears. I had received it for Christmas/holiday several years ago – maybe 5. And, I’ve yet to frame it. I couldn’t decide the style and then didn’t want to spend on a frame and then…forgot about it. 

Today, I grabbed the envelope containing my gift and headed downstairs to pull a concert poster out of a frame and replace it with my painting. Brilliant.

After, I rolled up the concert poster and stared at the wall. The poster – JJ Grey & Mofro. Bailey asked if she could sell the poster. I said sure then added that we didn’t pay anything for it so maybe we should just give it away. I further explained that I found the poster with some loose marijuana on a large tray atop kitchen cabinets in a house I was cleaning before we moved in several years ago. She was shocked. I told her I kept the poster and tossed everything else. 

Round 48. Closet Edit.

Some edits are surprising – like when it is one of your favorite things! I purchased this backpack almost a year ago from Ikea in Austin. It is such a great backpack! Sebastian has used it multiple times as well and agrees that the size and construction is perfect.

Last night at dinner, Sebastian mentioned his bag not having a water bottle holder -I reminded him that it does have one, he has the Core Backpack from lululemon. He quickly responded that he only uses that bag for travel because it is so nice and he doesn’t want to mess it up. Immediately I offered him the Ikea bag and he was thrilled. I told him that I rarely use it after getting my new bag and I would much rather him have joyful use out of it then it sit in the closet.


Round 39. Living Room Edit. 

Huge yearbooks seem like a good idea when issued, but then maybe not. Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve kept these books so long. I wasn’t a traditional college student and don’t even have a sentimental connection to the books. I think I kept the books because I should. I truly dislike the word should and the overuse of it. 

Would I pack these books for a cross country move? A local move? Nope. Sending these hefty editions off to donation and to a possible future as a coffee table book. 

Round 34. Closet Edit.

I crashed hard around 4pm today. I woke up about an hour later and made my way downstairs and fell asleep on the couch for another 20 minutes or so. I treated myself to some almost vegan pasta with avocado tossed in garlic butter and generously sprinkled with nutritional yeast = comfort food.

While eating, I glanced over at the closet under the stairs and knew there was an item in there to discard (possibly 10!). I opened the door and grabbed the first thing I saw, a Mary Kay tote from that time I signed up to be a beauty consultant, for the second time. If you know me, I am not a makeup person; so, it is slightly comical that I was a beauty consultant twice. I was asked recently to join BeautyCounter, and the serial hustler/entrepreneur in me was jumping and saying, “Yes!” but it doesn’t align with my goals which makes it easy for me to say “No”. I LOVE the product line BeautyCounter offers and the great thing about knowing what I want and where I am going is that I know that I can purchase the items I like. I don’t have to sell the product to use the product. I can be a RAVING FAN and support friends that are consultants!

Alignment is key. You can action all you want and you will get somewhere, and if you aren’t aware of where you want to go then anywhere you get will be good. However, if you align your thoughts, words, actions with your vision, THEN where you go is intentional and that is better.



Round 32. Accessory Edit. 

I have this thing about donating wallets and it’s that I always feel I will mistakingly leave $100 bucks or so hidden in the wallet. This is silly and slightly ridiculous because while using the wallet in everyday use there is rarely more than $40 bucks in it! Including all the hidden locations and secret spaces. So, it is quite unrealistic for me to think there’s a stash of money in there. Although, I did thoroughly check today’s edit to be sure. 

Today’s edit is a well worn wallet. This was gifted to Kathleen one Christmas by Bailey and K doesn’t use a large wallet -she uses a super slim one containing just 3 items- yet I do! So, I started using the wallet like it was mine, and so much so that I’ve literally worn out the change area. So, I used a portion of a Christmas gift card to purchase a shiny and new Fossil wallet and am donating this gem, with faux hidden cash and all.

Round 30. Closet Edit. 

Thirty days! I’ve been at this for 30 days! Clap with me!! Seriously though, I’m super pumped about this #30daychip.

The project is working. Each seemingly trivial or extremely sentimental piece I select (and sometimes put back for later in the year), survey, photograph and discard is making me better. I feel lighter, I treasure being among things that bring me joy.

Today’s edit: holiday decor and ornaments. This is a much needed edit. One I’ve put off, and so much so that my tree just came down today because I knew once I took the tree down I would store the items and wanted to only store what I was keeping, thus an intense procrastination. Alas, I took the tree down, sorted the items and packed away what to give and placed what I’m keeping in 2 bins in the guest bedroom. My donation pile is larger than my keep pile, feeling really good about that. The item I selected for photographic documentation of this edit is a handmade (the dough kind) Santa ornament from 1989. I love this ornament and it makes me happy each time I see it, but it’s crumbling and needs to return to the earth (it went in the discard pile).