Round 72. Closet Edit. 

Slowly getting back to edits and some consistency in my schedule and very happy yo feel this alignment. Today, I was thinking of just everything around me, the mail, the fridge, the pantry, the laundry that is currnety humming, the new furniture outside and so on, was beginning to feel overwhelming. I feel so blessed, abundantly blessed. I look at what others have and am not envious or jealous, I see their challenges and struggles and am grateful that I do not have that to face. I see their abundance and am happy that they are well taken care of. I see the love in their life and also the pain of loss and know that we are all human and no one is exempt from pain or joy. What I know for sure is that this life is brimming with opportunity and bursting with joy and each moment is here, now, and this moment is infinitely as valuable as any other moment. 

Well, after all this rambling today’s edit is another canister of tanning spray lol I don’t know where all this came from! Clearly, I bought it. But, why? 


Round 68. Random Edit. 

CD covers, cases. For teacher training I purchased several cds and required albums, the discs made it in my car changer and the cases were lagniappe. I kept them- for whatever reason! Now, I toss them out because it’s super pointless having empty ones around. 

Round 66. Random Edit. 

Receipt books are outdated. And so  is this one. It was last used for Kids Yoga Lab summer camp sign ups. 

Speaking of KYL, wow! Last night Kathleen and I were talking goals, visualization and planning. She said KYL is a great example of our speeds and our communication. She shared that as soon as the idea was forming I was actioning to bring it to life- literally, filing with SOS and such- and she was in the numbers phase and we were running on different speeds. So true. We were not in alignment and because we weren’t in alignment, we worked three times as hard and didn’t achieve what we set out for. 

As I write this message, I am in alignment with my goals. I’m taking the time to listen to my intuition. I’m not filling my calendar to the brim. I’m building in time for thinking, being, tuning in- meditation. I shared my vision and goals with Kathleen last night and I know that we are in support of one another 100%. I’m listening to the prompts from the universe and am excited for what’s to come. 

Round 65. Bookshelf Edit. 

There was a time when I believed I would never part with a book. I kept books for the sake of keeping old friends around, comforting and fond memories. I have a handful of textbooks that made the cut and have been with me for quite some time. 

This Louisiana history book is one of the select few. I chucked a bit when I picked it for the edit because texts are in a sense extremely outdated. To think that this book was necessary to the point of keeping for several years – I don’t teach history so that’s not a reason to keep it- was quite naive of me.  I remember this class and it was somewhat controversial and extremely interesting; although, neither contribute to the need of keeping the text. 

As I move through this project, I’m uncovering that I keep things for a multitude of reasons. One reason is to remind myself of the existence of something in my life, another is proof that what existed had meaning and another reason is hope. There are items I have that have weathered the years because there is hope within or hope for a desired outcome. This text is exsitence of my education, my interests, my connection {and lack } to the history of my state, and an underlying notion that I have the book, therefore the class was important. 

So, today I edit this book from my shelf (and a few others) to create space for more life, more learnings and less things. 

Round 60. Living Room Edit.

Round 60. Holy Heck! Yay for progress. This is a big edit! I offered this chair to my brother. It is my Dad’s and I’ve had it for a few years and my brother has the footstool; so, it felt natural for me to offer the chair to Adam.

He was excited about the prospect then quickly said, “it’s not going to fit in the mini”. And it won’t, we will just need to coordinate some vehicle usage to trek this chair out to their home in the country.

 Round 57. Living Room Edit. 

Never did I ever…think I would select this edit. 

This globe represents many things for me- friendship, wonder, humanity, geography, travel, charm, love. Chelsea gifted it to me years ago for Christmas. She picked it up at my FAVORITE trash to treasure store in the BR – Faye’s on Sherwood. 

I’ve looked at this globe over and over as a symbolism of friendship and family because Chelsea moved the year after gifting me this globe. I intended to obtain many more globes and have a globe wall or globes throughout my living space, but things change, we evolve, we find new things – a shiny penny. 

Now, I have lofty dreams and visions of owning less, all meaningful, purposeful and useful things AND experiencing all the experiences and putting my feet on the big globe we call Mother Earth and taking a spin. 

Round 51. Guest Room Edit. 

Another heart pull edit ❤ this is a nightlight from my early childhood. I remember using it in my toddlers and early school years and imagine I used it before that as well. 

I decided to choose for today’s edit as I’m practicing a new tactic to edit something sentimental among unimportant items. So, tomorrow will likely be something less significant… we will see. 

Round 45. Closet Edit. 

Late edit. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Today’s edit is prints. I have so many photographs that selecting a few for today’s edit is a nice step in the direction of clearing through my collection. 

I’ve read lots of minimalists posts, listened to podcasts and the like, that would have me discard everything. That doesn’t align with what brings me joy. Last year I cleared through several boxes of photographs. I even mailed my former stepbrother photographs of his childhood and adolescent years that I found among family photographs. It was lovely, he wrote me back and thanked me and shared that he had very few photographs from his childhood and wanted to share those with his wife. 

So, back to today’s edit… images from Brooklyn and New Orleans. 

Round 37. Digital Edit.

A commonly overlooked area of clutter is digital clutter- for some, it is 4000 emails in their inbox and for others, countless random files on the desktop. Digital clutter also shows up in other ways, like notifications for everything – pinging you in your pocket all day or unnecessary emails in your inbox. Do you really need all those subscriptions?

I sifted through my desktop, my downloads folders, my documents and even my backup drive today and trashed tons of things that I do not need. Yay for free space! I also unsubscribed to email subscriptions and removed notifications. After the desktop, I jumped to my phone and reorganized the home screen plus synced all of my photos to the cloud and freed up A TON of space on my phone. Win. Win.

Pro Tip: Create space for inbox mindfulness and spend 20 minutes unsubscribing from random daily/weekly/monthly emails (keep following this blog ;)) and remove the notifications reminders from your home screen.

Round 36. Kitchen Edit.

This is more of a failed project edit – it just so happens that it was placed in the kitchen. Some edits dig deeper and this one digs in. Last year, I ordered some mushroom kits to grow at home and it just isn’t working for me. In fact, I am so emotionally attached to these failed mushroom projects that Kathleen actually did the tossing out for me.

As you can see the mushrooms were growing but I wasn’t using the harvest. I don’t even know why… it just happened that there was no growth when I was enthusiastic and then the growth happened and I had abandoned the project. Schedules changed, overnight trips out of town and laziness set in, all affecting the maintenance of the crop.

It’s funny how we have so much enthusiasm at the prospect of something and then when the something happens we are no longer engaged – shiny penny syndrome.