Womp Womp…

I fell off the wagon. And, Uber picked me up. January 1st I committed to posting 360 items through the year – 1 post per day- with the idea that I would have 5 passes, if I post on the 5 passes then that’s 5 bonus posts for the year. All in all, the goal was ¬† is to discard items and experience life with less stuff and more living.

I writing this today because I am heading out of town again ūüôā and will not be back to writing consistently for a few more days. In kindness to myself and the process, this is okay. It truly is. Since the initiation of this project, I have let go of some mediocre items and some serious sentimental items. The project is far from over – I will attempt to double up some edits so I can “catch up” to my plan.

While I was away, I was gifted an incredible experience in Miami with 46 lululemon employees from around the globe. We attended the World Happiness Summit together, practiced yoga with world class teachers, ate arepas [I am in love], met our CEO and top executives, connected over life, love and luon, paddleboarded at sunset, tried Poke, seized any and all moments to sit in the warm Miami sun, and embraced the experience head on with 14 hours of technology free time. I walked away from my #wohasu experience with greater clarity on life and love. Personal Choice has a new meaning to me and the beauty of choosing happiness is that happiness is our birthright, we do not need earn happiness or buy happiness, we are happiness. Be. We are human beings.


Round 44. Downstairs Edit.

Posable art doll. Few items remain from the studio, this is one of those items. Purchased for the art component of Kids Yoga Lab, we held onto this guy for a while. It’s time to part ways. I realize as this year passes and I continue to discard items, fewer items will take physical space as reminders and only the lessons and memories will remain.

I think of the excitement and energy for the studio when this doll was purchased from Ikea in 2015. So many things about opening the studio pop up as red flags now; however, it was such an entrepreneurial leap that good was bound to come of it. I met some really cool kids, shared you with a new community, stressed my family more than needed and made some huge career leaps and in the process. Opening the studio allowed Kathleen and I an opportunity to work together – something I hope we can do one day again soon – and we took risks and learned so much during the process. I even made it on the news ūüôā

The studio was a quarter life crisis (I think I will live until I am 116) and it shook me awake. Awake to living in the present, embracing now and loving the everyday.

Round 34. Closet Edit.

I crashed hard around 4pm today. I woke up about an hour later and made my way downstairs and fell asleep on the couch for another 20 minutes or so. I treated myself to some almost vegan pasta with avocado tossed in garlic butter and generously sprinkled with nutritional yeast = comfort food.

While eating, I glanced over at the closet under the stairs and knew there was an item in there to discard (possibly 10!). I opened the door and grabbed the first thing I saw, a Mary Kay tote from that time I signed up to be a beauty consultant, for the second time. If you know me, I am not a makeup person; so, it is slightly comical that I was a beauty consultant twice. I was asked recently to join BeautyCounter, and the serial hustler/entrepreneur in me was jumping and saying, “Yes!” but it doesn’t align with my goals which makes it easy for me to say¬†“No”. I LOVE the product line BeautyCounter offers and the great thing about knowing what I want and where I am going is that I know that I can purchase the items I like. I don’t have to sell the product to use the product. I can be a RAVING FAN and support friends that are consultants!

Alignment is key. You can action all you want and you will get somewhere, and if you aren’t aware of where you want to go then anywhere you get will be good. However, if you align your thoughts, words, actions with your vision, THEN where you go is intentional and that is better.



Round 26. Kitchen Edit.

Baking or bringing treats brings me joy! This I know is true. My love of sharing sweets started very young. Each Christmas, my mom would make batches of peanut butter balls, fudge and pralines plus peanut blossom and sugar cookies. I can remember the year I was able to dip items in chocolate and it was thrilling! I have a faint scar on my right forearm from baking brownies for my class in fourth grade. Fast forward to Christmas 2015 when my sister and I sold dozens and dozens of pralines (29 lbs of sugar worth!!).  You see?

Today’s edit is related to bringing treats. During massage school, I would bring baked treats most¬†Fridays to share with our group. For my birthday that year, Lacey and Julie gifted me a large cupcake carrier with cake mixes and icing. I loved receiving it and put it to use for many occasions and celebrations over the years. I am choosing to donate today because I don’t use it anymore, and I would not pack it up to move cross-country. Nowadays, I bake much less and baking large amounts of cupcakes and brownies rarely occurs. I know that it will be of great use to someone else and hope that the future treats that fill it bring joy.




Round 23. Sentimental Edit.

“I carry your heart in my heart…” E.E Cummings

This little heart symbolizes love, childhood, play, crafting, attention, rainy days and joy. Bailey made this with fuze beads and it was a big deal! She carefully sorted out pinks and patiently placed each bead on the peg board before calling me over to fuze it together with a hot iron. The final step of peeling back the transfer paper to reveal a fully fuzed piece, a melted lump of beads or a piece somewhere in the middle was tense at times.  This time, the odds were in our favor.

We found this bead heart while cleaning out the car. As I sifted through items to toss, I showed Bailey the heart and was surprised when she was okay with tossing it, but first, take a picture for the blog. I love when she selects edits with me, it adds so much more depth to this project – this adventure.



Better Reality.

At 5:40am, I freaked out. In a sleepy haze, I leapt from bed to the sound of my alarm believing that I overslept, dashed to the closet and with great confusion attempted to dress while cursing and berating myself for not being responsible.

Kathleen calmly spoke and said I wasn’t expected for another hour, everything was going to be okay and I needed to shower. I didn’t believe her – at all! I knew that I had less than 20 minutes to dress and get to the store for a staff meeting. She continued to reassure me that it was okay and only almost 6am, not 7am. It took several moments before I realized she was right.

Fast forward. I showered and headed down to the kitchen to prepare coffee and notice there is more than enough time; so, I choose to prepare a smoothie. I gather my items and head out the door, I arrive at work early, before anyone else.

Fast forward. I leave work around 10:35am to pick up supplies at Office Depot, on the way I think about my insane wake up experience. It was all too much, too much worry, too much intensity, and too much pressure. If it had been 6:40am, being late would not have been the worst thing (ego check). The intensity of rushing through the morning to fly to work and not allowing myself the space to set myself up for the day robs me of quality time and quality experience.

90% of all illness and disease is stress-related, Diseases of Civilization. To me, this reads as: 90% of all illness and disease is preventable. And maybe that’s a stretch, but I love a good stretch goal. These are really good odds! Solve for stress and you WIN! Stress can cause you to not breathe fully and when we aren’t breathing fully, we aren’t living. The cost of a stressed life is vitality.

Tonight, I solved for stress. I am leaving in the morning for Advanced Landmark in Houston, TX, and my little girl wanted some hangout time. Instead of stressing through the laundry list of things we need to complete, we washed the car, practiced partner stretching and played around with acro, chatted about clothes and friends and YouTube, it was an excellent use of time.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, know that you can choose your response. Grant yourself permission to choose vitality. Breathe, inhale | exhale | repeat. Know that you are worthy of a quality life. Embrace the gift of the present.

Better Humans. 

Happy Birthday, Dr. King! 

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to accept and celebrate those differences.” – Audre Lorde 

I had the privilege of participating in a community kirtan, a Bhakti yoga experience, at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans last Friday night with Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band. Few things to note: Wild Lotus, Sean, Gwendolyn, Colleen, Vera, Kristy, Mitchel and soul schoolers are my tribe. It’s important to have a tribe. Wild Lotus Yoga is a well of devotion, love and hope, and when I need a life boost, a recharge, a ‘hey, we welcome you’ feeling, I know I can go there. So, going to kirtan at the studio with Sean and the band was like a sweet family reunion. 

My eyes filled with tears, my heart burst with joy and my body relaxed during the first OM- I knew it was going to be a good night. About 100 friends, strangers, yogis, professionals all gathered in the upper 2nd floor studio with one heart, one OM. 

I’m living in the possibility of a life where we celebrate one another, lift each other up and stand for greatness.