Womp Womp…

I fell off the wagon. And, Uber picked me up. January 1st I committed to posting 360 items through the year – 1 post per day- with the idea that I would have 5 passes, if I post on the 5 passes then that’s 5 bonus posts for the year. All in all, the goal was ¬† is to discard items and experience life with less stuff and more living.

I writing this today because I am heading out of town again ūüôā and will not be back to writing consistently for a few more days. In kindness to myself and the process, this is okay. It truly is. Since the initiation of this project, I have let go of some mediocre items and some serious sentimental items. The project is far from over – I will attempt to double up some edits so I can “catch up” to my plan.

While I was away, I was gifted an incredible experience in Miami with 46 lululemon employees from around the globe. We attended the World Happiness Summit together, practiced yoga with world class teachers, ate arepas [I am in love], met our CEO and top executives, connected over life, love and luon, paddleboarded at sunset, tried Poke, seized any and all moments to sit in the warm Miami sun, and embraced the experience head on with 14 hours of technology free time. I walked away from my #wohasu experience with greater clarity on life and love. Personal Choice has a new meaning to me and the beauty of choosing happiness is that happiness is our birthright, we do not need earn happiness or buy happiness, we are happiness. Be. We are human beings.


Round 58. Closet Edit. 

One of the coolest perks of my job is getting my hands on innovative product! In 2015 lululemon released the Naked sensation pant, Align. It’s everything it sounds like, sensational buttery fabric technically designed to flow with you for a totally disctraction free practice. You’ll feel so confidently Naked that you may look down to double check that you’re wearing pants. It’s that good. 

I decided to gift them to Erin- my brother’s fianc√©. I hope she loves the pair as much as I did. With a newborn and the need for sleep, I’m confident she’s get some good use out of the pair. 

* I forgot to take a pic.  Not pictured: Align pant, Bordeaux Drama. 

Round 48. Closet Edit.

Some edits are surprising – like when it is one of your favorite things! I purchased this backpack almost a year ago from Ikea in Austin. It is such a great backpack! Sebastian has used it multiple times as well and agrees that the size and construction is perfect.

Last night at dinner, Sebastian mentioned his bag not having a water bottle holder -I reminded him that it does have one, he has the Core Backpack from lululemon. He quickly responded that he only uses that bag for travel because it is so nice and he doesn’t want to mess it up. Immediately I offered him the Ikea bag and he was thrilled. I told him that I rarely use it after getting my new bag and I would much rather him have joyful use out of it then it sit in the closet.


Strava. Wake Better. 40 | 80

Today, I woke up and ran with 46,000 of my closest friends.

Social Media is powerful. Like all powerful things, it can tip positive or negative. Fitspo or Fitness Inspiration and Challenges prove change does happen and a huge percentage of the 1st world population succeeds when there is an external expectation, 2nd posting each day or sharing their meals is their accountability.

I changed my routine in 2015 and changed my life. July 9, 2015 I implemented¬†Hal Elrod‘s Miracle Morning system and the change was rapid. I embraced his online Facebook group and offered my time as an accountability partner. I synced with 4 members and we created an accountability group to bounce ideas, schedule wake up calls and check in for life. It was fantastic and pulled me from a deep depression.

I worked this new routine for over 100 days and it became my life. Then….things happened, and I slept in and opted for snuggling and let the routine slide. I tricked myself in the beginning into¬†thinking¬†this is just for a day, two, ten, and I will pick it back up. But, I didn’t. I inspired others to take on this change/challenge and I was a fraud – halfway living my truth.

Then, the Universe – timely, as always- gifted me an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. To start anew. Ever motivation Jeffirs stopped in the store one day and in passing asked about my running. I confessed that it wasn’t happening, that my routine didn’t exist. Saying this aloud, this confession, prompted me to lace up¬†2 days later. It felt good and rough and invigorating and awful all at the same time. The most important feeling I experienced was aliveness. I am not a fast runner, I am not the best at stride or pace or breathing, and though it is challenging, there is no doubt a life birthed through running outdoors that does not happen in anything else. I realized I missed it.

The Strava app and lululemon teamed up and I knew this was my opportunity to start fresh. I signed on for the 40 | 80 challenge and set my alarm. This morning, I laced up and bundled up (36 degrees outside!), logged into the app, tuned into a podcast and started a new chapter.  #yourgoalsareshowing

Strava lululemon 40|80 Challenge