Womp Womp…

I fell off the wagon. And, Uber picked me up. January 1st I committed to posting 360 items through the year – 1 post per day- with the idea that I would have 5 passes, if I post on the 5 passes then that’s 5 bonus posts for the year. All in all, the goal was ¬† is to discard items and experience life with less stuff and more living.

I writing this today because I am heading out of town again ūüôā and will not be back to writing consistently for a few more days. In kindness to myself and the process, this is okay. It truly is. Since the initiation of this project, I have let go of some mediocre items and some serious sentimental items. The project is far from over – I will attempt to double up some edits so I can “catch up” to my plan.

While I was away, I was gifted an incredible experience in Miami with 46 lululemon employees from around the globe. We attended the World Happiness Summit together, practiced yoga with world class teachers, ate arepas [I am in love], met our CEO and top executives, connected over life, love and luon, paddleboarded at sunset, tried Poke, seized any and all moments to sit in the warm Miami sun, and embraced the experience head on with 14 hours of technology free time. I walked away from my #wohasu experience with greater clarity on life and love. Personal Choice has a new meaning to me and the beauty of choosing happiness is that happiness is our birthright, we do not need earn happiness or buy happiness, we are happiness. Be. We are human beings.


Round 59. Bookshelf Edit.

I love a travel memoir, add in a fearless female nomad and I am all in. I’ve read¬†All Over The¬†Map¬† several times, and each time I discovered something new. Laura Fraser whisks you away in her writing, you become her pal and you travel through her memories as if you are looking over her shoulder. It is sensational, adventurous and full of wonder.

Sometimes we think we know what we want, we fight and push and climb our way to the one thing…and then, something changes and we find that we return to square one, except the starting point is new and we aren’t as naive.

I am gifting this book to Allie and then she will gift it to Liz and I am not sure where it will land after that. I love that when I pulled this off the shelf there was a short grocery list inside the front cover. It listed about 12 items and one stood out, wheat linguini. This lets me know that I read this book before 2013- when I eliminated wheat and gluten from my diet.

Round 46. Bookshelf Edit. 

Yesterday at Iron Tribe (#iloveirontribe), Coach Carrie and I chatted about anatomy during mobility class. She expressed wanting to go deeper into her anatomy study; so, I mentioned this book and offered to gift it to her – if I still had it. 

Well, I checked and viola it was on the shelf! So, off to Iron Tribe this book will go and I’m pumped to know it will be in use! 

Round 44. Downstairs Edit.

Posable art doll. Few items remain from the studio, this is one of those items. Purchased for the art component of Kids Yoga Lab, we held onto this guy for a while. It’s time to part ways. I realize as this year passes and I continue to discard items, fewer items will take physical space as reminders and only the lessons and memories will remain.

I think of the excitement and energy for the studio when this doll was purchased from Ikea in 2015. So many things about opening the studio pop up as red flags now; however, it was such an entrepreneurial leap that good was bound to come of it. I met some really cool kids, shared you with a new community, stressed my family more than needed and made some huge career leaps and in the process. Opening the studio allowed Kathleen and I an opportunity to work together – something I hope we can do one day again soon – and we took risks and learned so much during the process. I even made it on the news ūüôā

The studio was a quarter life crisis (I think I will live until I am 116) and it shook me awake. Awake to living in the present, embracing now and loving the everyday.

Round 40. Downstairs Edit. 

Dancing Shiva. This was gifted to me about 16 years ago by Shampa, my sister in law at the time. I’ve kept it for all these years, moving it from place to place and room to room. I was surprised when I selected it for edit. This process is becoming a practice, I’m drawing on my experiences of the past 40 days and connecting the benefits of editing with my goals, living each moment and living among fewer possessions. 

This Shiva represents the apocalypse (my former, chaotic, clouded life) and creation (living anew). I’m grateful for the opportunity to rewrite my story, to edit my things, and in turn edit my place among things. As I free myself from items, small and significant, I discover how big my world can be. 


Round 38. Closet Edit. 

Day late. I was in bed by 7:30 last night – I think. I’m typing this on my phone with one hand, because Monday night I sliced the tip of my left thumb really well. Flesh and blood and all that jazz. Fun fact: bandaid thumbs do not work on smartphones. And also, opposable thumbs are fucking incredible. If you are blessed with all ten fingers in working order, look down and thank your hands for their diligent service. If you use less than ten on a daily basis, I bow to your bionic power. Aka YOU ROCK! 

So, for yesterday’s edit… back to the closet I went. I selected an H from my scrapbook days. There was once a time I would scrapbook anything. You’ll no doubt see more scrapbook items as I clear through the guest closet and if you’re ever interested in something, message me. 

This H is a reminder of so many things of my past. The main thing is the treasuring of family. I’m blessed beyond measure and I’m so grateful to be aware of my blessing. The universe (God, Allah, Higher Power) has placed in my life 2 incredible beings. I’m gifted the privilege and opportunity to guide them as human beings and seekers of greatness, to be their mother. 

Round 37. Digital Edit.

A commonly overlooked area of clutter is digital clutter- for some, it is 4000 emails in their inbox and for others, countless random files on the desktop. Digital clutter also shows up in other ways, like notifications for everything – pinging you in your pocket all day or unnecessary emails in your inbox. Do you really need all those subscriptions?

I sifted through my desktop, my downloads folders, my documents and even my backup drive today and trashed tons of things that I do not need. Yay for free space! I also unsubscribed to email subscriptions and removed notifications. After the desktop, I jumped to my phone and reorganized the home screen plus synced all of my photos to the cloud and freed up A TON of space on my phone. Win. Win.

Pro Tip: Create space for inbox mindfulness and spend 20 minutes unsubscribing from random daily/weekly/monthly emails (keep following this blog ;)) and remove the notifications reminders from your home screen.

Round 36. Kitchen Edit.

This is more of a failed project edit – it just so happens that it was placed in the kitchen. Some edits dig deeper and this one digs in. Last year, I ordered some mushroom kits to grow at home and it just isn’t working for me. In fact, I am so emotionally attached to these failed mushroom projects that Kathleen actually did the tossing out for me.

As you can see the mushrooms were growing but¬†I wasn’t using the harvest. I don’t even know why… it just happened that there was no growth when I was enthusiastic and then the growth happened and I had abandoned the project. Schedules changed, overnight trips out of town and laziness set in, all affecting the maintenance of the crop.

It’s funny how we have so much enthusiasm at the prospect of something and then when the¬†something¬†happens we are no longer engaged – shiny penny syndrome.

Round 34. Closet Edit.

I crashed hard around 4pm today. I woke up about an hour later and made my way downstairs and fell asleep on the couch for another 20 minutes or so. I treated myself to some almost vegan pasta with avocado tossed in garlic butter and generously sprinkled with nutritional yeast = comfort food.

While eating, I glanced over at the closet under the stairs and knew there was an item in there to discard (possibly 10!). I opened the door and grabbed the first thing I saw, a Mary Kay tote from that time I signed up to be a beauty consultant, for the second time. If you know me, I am not a makeup person; so, it is slightly comical that I was a beauty consultant twice. I was asked recently to join BeautyCounter, and the serial hustler/entrepreneur in me was jumping and saying, “Yes!” but it doesn’t align with my goals which makes it easy for me to say¬†“No”. I LOVE the product line BeautyCounter offers and the great thing about knowing what I want and where I am going is that I know that I can purchase the items I like. I don’t have to sell the product to use the product. I can be a RAVING FAN and support friends that are consultants!

Alignment is key. You can action all you want and you will get somewhere, and if you aren’t aware of where you want to go then anywhere you get will be good. However, if you align your thoughts, words, actions with your vision, THEN where you go is intentional and that is better.



Round 33. Guest Room Edit.

One of my favorite things about this project is finding something that I can donate AND use in another area of life or pass on to someone who is looking for the exact item! So thrilling!

Today’s edit creates space and fills a need that we have at the store for a cork board. I was undecided on today’s edit until I walked in the guest room and scanned the room. My eyes quickly landed on this cork board. We used it at the studio for posting various documents and such. And now, after 6 months atop the bookshelf in the guest room, the cork board (tacks and all) will be turned over to Morgan to create an information hub at the store. Win. Win.