Womp Womp…

I fell off the wagon. And, Uber picked me up. January 1st I committed to posting 360 items through the year – 1 post per day- with the idea that I would have 5 passes, if I post on the 5 passes then that’s 5 bonus posts for the year. All in all, the goal was   is to discard items and experience life with less stuff and more living.

I writing this today because I am heading out of town again 🙂 and will not be back to writing consistently for a few more days. In kindness to myself and the process, this is okay. It truly is. Since the initiation of this project, I have let go of some mediocre items and some serious sentimental items. The project is far from over – I will attempt to double up some edits so I can “catch up” to my plan.

While I was away, I was gifted an incredible experience in Miami with 46 lululemon employees from around the globe. We attended the World Happiness Summit together, practiced yoga with world class teachers, ate arepas [I am in love], met our CEO and top executives, connected over life, love and luon, paddleboarded at sunset, tried Poke, seized any and all moments to sit in the warm Miami sun, and embraced the experience head on with 14 hours of technology free time. I walked away from my #wohasu experience with greater clarity on life and love. Personal Choice has a new meaning to me and the beauty of choosing happiness is that happiness is our birthright, we do not need earn happiness or buy happiness, we are happiness. Be. We are human beings.


Round 55. Closet Edit. 

Inspirational knickknacks bring me joy- even cheesy ones. I love positive quotes, affirmations and the like. 

At Christmas, I received The Happiness Planner and it is FILLED with happiness quotes, each day boasts a new quote. I love it. 

I picked up this little quote at Tuesday Morning years ago with the intention of gifting it at some point…and I never did. It landed in a box, then a gift bin, then on a shelf, etc. Today, I am donating it and gifting it a new life. 

Round 32. Accessory Edit. 

I have this thing about donating wallets and it’s that I always feel I will mistakingly leave $100 bucks or so hidden in the wallet. This is silly and slightly ridiculous because while using the wallet in everyday use there is rarely more than $40 bucks in it! Including all the hidden locations and secret spaces. So, it is quite unrealistic for me to think there’s a stash of money in there. Although, I did thoroughly check today’s edit to be sure. 

Today’s edit is a well worn wallet. This was gifted to Kathleen one Christmas by Bailey and K doesn’t use a large wallet -she uses a super slim one containing just 3 items- yet I do! So, I started using the wallet like it was mine, and so much so that I’ve literally worn out the change area. So, I used a portion of a Christmas gift card to purchase a shiny and new Fossil wallet and am donating this gem, with faux hidden cash and all.