Round 66. Random Edit. 

Receipt books are outdated. And so  is this one. It was last used for Kids Yoga Lab summer camp sign ups. 

Speaking of KYL, wow! Last night Kathleen and I were talking goals, visualization and planning. She said KYL is a great example of our speeds and our communication. She shared that as soon as the idea was forming I was actioning to bring it to life- literally, filing with SOS and such- and she was in the numbers phase and we were running on different speeds. So true. We were not in alignment and because we weren’t in alignment, we worked three times as hard and didn’t achieve what we set out for. 

As I write this message, I am in alignment with my goals. I’m taking the time to listen to my intuition. I’m not filling my calendar to the brim. I’m building in time for thinking, being, tuning in- meditation. I shared my vision and goals with Kathleen last night and I know that we are in support of one another 100%. I’m listening to the prompts from the universe and am excited for what’s to come. 


Round 24. Kitchen Edit.

Kitchens should be called catchalls, because you find so many things in that one space of the home (well, in my kitchen). Another thing that do, is to keep partial pieces or to use something from a pack or kit but not all the items leaving remnants and leftovers.

A couple of months ago, I had a scathing brilliant idea! I decided to save money on coffee from the cafe and make my coffee at home more consistently…BUT, I splurged on to go cups that look like coffee shop to go cups. Viola! Now, I was able to drink home-brewed coffee on the go, save money and utilize my time better. Win. Win.

I discovered that I will often forgo the sleeve and just hold a piping hot cup of coffee. The sleeve is the only drawback, it doesn’t fit as snugly as I would like and slips off the cup. So, I noticed there was a collection of sleeves brewing in the corner cupboard. Not anymore.

Pro Tip: Purchase a Ninja Coffee Bar (or Something Similar), illy coffee, and to go cups  ($3.97/20 or even less per cup if you order bulk from amazon) and treat your kitchen like a cafe!



Round 10. Under the Sink Edit.

Today’s edit brings me joy. Toward the end of 2016 I started a honey do list of items around the house to tackle in 2017. My intention is to contribute to the household (and win me some brownie points with Kathleen). It is turning out to be super satisfying for me! I love knowing that there are tasks complete. Couple this with my reduction project and it is heavenly. Discarding is creating more space, to breathe, to live, to laugh, to be. This is good.

On the list, replace garbage disposal and check hot water heater. I asked my dad if he would help  me install a new disposal. I let him know I can order a new one from Amazon, just tell me when he is available. Yesterday, he called to tell me he will change it today and would pick up a new one for me.  He was waiting at our house when I came home from an appointment, we spent two hours changing the garbage disposal, climbing into the attic to adjust the water heater temp, and sitting on the couch talking about life, work, retirement and minimizing stress.

Part of changing the disposal is clearing out the space beneath the sink. After today, I know that I really  could use a few baskets for storing bottles, cleaners, etc., I have gold and pink spray paint, lots of sandpaper and a handful of Allen wrenches. I also discovered things to discard. Like an old glass olive oil dispenser that once housed oil [then dish soap, then oil again], random drain stoppers, mismatched items and more. I discarded a few items and a random plate that was living beneath the sink while assisting my dad. We also cleared out the old disposal unit and all the packaging and additional pieces.

Here’s a picture of our shiny new InSinkerator!

*Disclaimer: Kathleen said the bottle was hers, I think it was mine. Either way, it is was ours.





Round 8. Nightstand Edit. 

I woke this morning around 4am and was unable to manipulate myself back to sleep. I finally decided to get up and head downstairs about an hour later (after I woke up Kathleen). Once downstairs, I realized it was FREEZING, again! And quickly retrieved my sad, shriveled bird of paradise plant from outside. The plant is still downstairs. I refuse to accept it’s death and hope warm weather this week will somehow revive it.

Back to my edit, I didn’t think much into it today. I spent majority of my day asleep in an attempt to combat a migraine. Hiding from light has been my best defense today. I believe a Coke triggered this migraine. We went to the show this morning to watch Hidden Figures (a must see) and Kathleen and I shared a Coke and nachos (can’t be the nachos, right?).

I digress.

Pens. I selected pens for my edit. My nightstand drawer is a treasure trove for all things journal and note taking. But, do I really need 20 pens in there? At work, we are always short on pens. So, I’m donating this haul to the store. Win. Win.

Round 6. Accessory Edit. 

I received a shiny new watch for Christmas; so, what to do with the used one? Discard. But first, I removed the watch face and installed it in Kathleen’s functioning band. OClock’s a fun gift and looks like it is durable but it’s not built FORD tough. I received a watch + bag for my birthday June 2016, I’ve had 2 bands and 2 mechanisms since then. It’s not sustainable. So, I’m happily recycling the band and repurposing the clock in a Kathleen’s crisp band and discarding the broken mechanism from Kathleen’s watch. Win. Win.

*my Obag is sustainable, useful, durable and insanely functional. I think I’ll keep it!