Round 69. Yard edit. 

Last Sunday, Bailey and I adventures to Houston, TX, for rock climbing and IKEA. We returned with a van full of boxes and hours of assembly ahead.

I love plants, but I am not a good lover. Things were going so smoothly before “the freeze” this year. We live in a moderate climate and I am not in the process of thinking of weather shifts. I pretty much assume that if it is cool when I leave the house, it will be warm or raining in the afternoon. I realize as I type this that it doesn’t make much sense but it seems to align closely with our weather. Needless to say, some plants needed to be tossed.

Tuesday morning, I woke and started clearing the patio space, discarding, combining plants, editing planters and so forth.

I discarded several planters that were just overgrown and not in alignment with the aesthetic we are attempting to achieve in the backyard.



Round 60. Living Room Edit.

Round 60. Holy Heck! Yay for progress. This is a big edit! I offered this chair to my brother. It is my Dad’s and I’ve had it for a few years and my brother has the footstool; so, it felt natural for me to offer the chair to Adam.

He was excited about the prospect then quickly said, “it’s not going to fit in the mini”. And it won’t, we will just need to coordinate some vehicle usage to trek this chair out to their home in the country.

Round 54. Living Room Edit.

I remember picking up this clay planter at Goodwill. It’s bounced around the living room and kitchen as a catchall or with coffee beans and succulents inside. As I continue to clear things I want to clear more and more, the first steps are the hardest. I look around at all the things and each piece contains a story, some vivid memories and others are just placeholders. This little planter is both, it reminds me of days when I frequented Goodwill and it also holds little value to where I am now, it takes up space.

I am donating it and know that it will be scooped up and well loved.

Round 47. Random Edit.

Random Edit – an edit found randomly, i.e. meaning it really didn’t have space to begin with

Green notebook of ideas. I am much better about discarding….I am creating this possibility for myself. I was looking in the downstairs bathroom- under the sink – for an item and I saw this notebook. My first thought was, “why is this here?” I quickly remembered exactly why it was there! I brought it to the pool and it landed in the cabinet with the pool bag, and that was that.

So, I flipped through the pages and looked at my detailed notes of my past life  as a Public Outreach Coordinator and smiled. Also in the notebook, tons of notes and ideas on yoga business and pamphlets on coaching and chair yoga. My current notebook looks much the same with plans for coaching and happiness practices laced throughout. #foreverstudent



Round 44. Downstairs Edit.

Posable art doll. Few items remain from the studio, this is one of those items. Purchased for the art component of Kids Yoga Lab, we held onto this guy for a while. It’s time to part ways. I realize as this year passes and I continue to discard items, fewer items will take physical space as reminders and only the lessons and memories will remain.

I think of the excitement and energy for the studio when this doll was purchased from Ikea in 2015. So many things about opening the studio pop up as red flags now; however, it was such an entrepreneurial leap that good was bound to come of it. I met some really cool kids, shared you with a new community, stressed my family more than needed and made some huge career leaps and in the process. Opening the studio allowed Kathleen and I an opportunity to work together – something I hope we can do one day again soon – and we took risks and learned so much during the process. I even made it on the news 🙂

The studio was a quarter life crisis (I think I will live until I am 116) and it shook me awake. Awake to living in the present, embracing now and loving the everyday.

Round 43. Backyard Edit

Continuing with backyard editing, I have 2 folding chairs today. I’ve created a spreadsheet with furniture details and am moving forward with my vision. These chairs need to go to create space for outdoor living in style. Feeling super excited about the long summer days and opportunities for backyard lounging.

Round 42. Backyard Edit.

2017 backyard goal – transform the space into an outdoor living room by May 2017.

We are on our way to transforming the backyard, AND I am so happy! Last year, we updated the fence – Kathleen and David built a new one- and it survived the Great Flood of 2016; so, I think they did a great job! The foundation is ready, we converted the yard into a low maintenance zone by removing the existing soil, grass, random landscaping and covering the entire area in limestone. Next, select outdoor furniture and grill!

For now, we are clearing through remaining items. First up, the lattice pieces that once created a barrier to hide the air conditioning units. These fence pieces are not our style and were broken during a storm last year when violent winds tossed items around in our yard and did a number on the fence. Bye bye bye.


Round 37. Digital Edit.

A commonly overlooked area of clutter is digital clutter- for some, it is 4000 emails in their inbox and for others, countless random files on the desktop. Digital clutter also shows up in other ways, like notifications for everything – pinging you in your pocket all day or unnecessary emails in your inbox. Do you really need all those subscriptions?

I sifted through my desktop, my downloads folders, my documents and even my backup drive today and trashed tons of things that I do not need. Yay for free space! I also unsubscribed to email subscriptions and removed notifications. After the desktop, I jumped to my phone and reorganized the home screen plus synced all of my photos to the cloud and freed up A TON of space on my phone. Win. Win.

Pro Tip: Create space for inbox mindfulness and spend 20 minutes unsubscribing from random daily/weekly/monthly emails (keep following this blog ;)) and remove the notifications reminders from your home screen.

Round 36. Kitchen Edit.

This is more of a failed project edit – it just so happens that it was placed in the kitchen. Some edits dig deeper and this one digs in. Last year, I ordered some mushroom kits to grow at home and it just isn’t working for me. In fact, I am so emotionally attached to these failed mushroom projects that Kathleen actually did the tossing out for me.

As you can see the mushrooms were growing but I wasn’t using the harvest. I don’t even know why… it just happened that there was no growth when I was enthusiastic and then the growth happened and I had abandoned the project. Schedules changed, overnight trips out of town and laziness set in, all affecting the maintenance of the crop.

It’s funny how we have so much enthusiasm at the prospect of something and then when the something happens we are no longer engaged – shiny penny syndrome.